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Global Study Centre therefore take care of student’s level of understanding and structured in a way that student will not just know how to solve a particular problem but also learn the associated concept that he/she might be struggling with in the past.We provides full support to student’s queries or doubts regarding the solution provided till he/she understands it completely. We helps in SAT II physics exam and try our best that student should get perfect score.Our unique Physics Course provides complete preparation for academic physics for students studying in Class XI & XII.It delivers education in physics in such a way that students realise use of physics in their daily life and though understanding and learning physics becomes easier. We create environment that gives students liberty to learn physics, play physics and enjoy physics.

Global Study Centre is a place for learners and students who loves Physics. Global Study Centreis a strong point is explaining the concepts in an easy manner, in a language we use every day everywhere, just to prove his point that Physics is all around us, it’s beautiful, it’s fascinating, and its knowledge gives us happiness, as if we are meeting the creator itself.


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