Purpose : – 

  • To Make a strong foundation of Physics Understanding and Application.
  • To Clear Concepts thoroughly and develop interest in Physics so as to score Higher Marks.
  • To Guide Entrance Students separately (2hrs. Per Week May To Jan) to prepare and achieve their goal.

Points :-

  • Revision Test /Full Syllabus test after completing Syllabus.
  • Entrance Oriented Student are guided to solve H.C. Verma’s Book & Arihant’s Book in Separate Special Classes.
  • Course Duration Approx. 8- 9 Month Classes 3 days a week & 1 hrs. 20 Min. Duration.
  • Reference Book N.C.E.R.T , H.C.Verma’s Book and Study Material of Simplified Physics .
  • Motivation Class / Guideence to Write Board / Entrance Exam and bear Strees.
  • Clearing Basic Concepts and Develop interest in Physics.
  • School Basic / Entrance Based Teaching Separately .
  • Study Material cum work – book for every chapter..
  • Test / Quiz every alternate week.
  • Basic up class if needed to understand some concept.

Course Duration :-  Around April to 10th Jan (Syllabus completion ) and then Revision /Test / Doubt up to Feb.


The entire curriculum for class XII has been divided into two parts-

PART – I focuses on CBSE (compulsory for all)

PART – II provides an option between Revision Batch and Entrance Crash Course



  • All study Material is provided by the institute.
  • Our packages include – Class Notes, Assignment, Worksheets that cover NCERT Text, NCERT exercise, Exemplar, Previous Year Question, HOTS, Value Based Questions.


  • Classes will be conducted THREE DAYS a WEEK of duration 1Hr 10 Minutes each.
  • Extra Classes will be conducted when and if necessary on weekends or holiday.


  • Doubt Classes are conducted before and after each class for few doubts and for detailed doubt sessions, time can be allotted separately for individual students only on prior appointment.
  • Since batches are parallel, class if missed can be taken in alternate batches.
  • Provision of Class Recording in the form of video Lectures (limited number per students).
  • Practical Classes and VIVA VOCE provided which are based on latest guidelines issued by CBSE.


  • Regular Unit-wise tests as a follow-up of classes.
  • Physics Classes Test Series (PCTS) which is compulsory for all.

After successful completion of CBSE syllabus, you can either go for REVISION batch or ENTRANCE CRASH COURSE.

In Revision sessions, important topics will be revised, followed by test and full syllabus Test Series. For Revision Batch, no extra fee has to be paid.

Entrance Crash Course Batch involves extensive practice sessions for students preparing for JEE mains and NEET. It has also proven to enhance CBSE exponentially, hence is advised for all. ECC begins in December and goes on till end of Jan. Study Material will be provided by the Institute.